Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Oh Africa, why have you forsaken me, was it not to you I gave a land of milk and honey. Was it not to you I gave vast lands ranging from desserts to rain forest. I gave you gold, diamonds , and salt. I blessed you with fruits of every kind and creatures of every color. I gave you the rhythm of the drum from thunder it's self and gave you the voice of angels. I put melanin in your body and made your skin glow, black as night for some and cream like butter to others. Even your names brought music to my ears. I made you the jewel in my eye and from you I created my most beautiful creation. When I was done I looked down and said it was good. But Africa you forgot your beauty, you traded in your vast lands, for a piece of paper. You threw away the names that once brought music to my ears for ones that were foreign and rythmless. You took on a foreign God and forgot about your mother, the one that had so much endowed you. For years I had blessed your lands, making you wealthy and the envy of other nations. They wanted me for themselves but it was only you that I loved. But you forgot about me, you traded away my sons, and daughters. You gave away your land for such meaningless items. You began to hate your brother and love your enemy. You hated the skin I had dressed you in, and the nose I had given you. You rejected my love and looked elsewhere for what you already had. And with that the enemy stole what was rightfully yours. So I grew mad Africa and I hid from you, I decided to punish you, I sent sicknesses, that your ancestors had never heard of, I sent poverty as never seen before in my lands. However you still don't call for me, I hear you calling buts it's a name foreign to these lands. Have you forgotten my name Africa? The one that was spoken so boastfully in times of the past, which can now only be heard faintly in the mouths of some elders or sketched in some stone. Oh Africa why did you forsake me?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Secret To: Life(Speech)

As i travel my own path and hear the stories of others i start to realize a couple similarities. As we take on this journey of life one must understand that no matter who you are, what your wallet looks like, weather your black, white, Hispanic, or Asian. Life will pick you up and smash you down, life will beat you, and when you feel as if you can't take no more, life will beat you once again. See there are a few things that are guaranteed in this world, things that every human must face. There is failure, there is sadness,and there are tears, these are the only things guaranteed, we must erase that fairy tale belief. Nothing good will come to you if you just sit there, however failure will, however sadness will, however tears will. If you want to smile you must fight, if you want to laugh you must struggle, and if you want to succeed you must grind.  The problem with today generation is that we no longer see the the thrill in the struggle we want it now and with no hassle. This is why divorce is at an all time rate, as well as suicide, this generation is full of quitters. When things get hard we choose the easy way, instead of fighting. No matter how hard things maybe, there is always two options, you either quit and fail or you stand up and fight. Inside you are all the talents, gifts, and abilities you need, given to you by higher force. Think about this, the human body and its miracles, inside your stomach there is acid however the body doesn't let it burn you. The human body adapts so that it can survive, it even has a mode called the fight or flight mode it which its primary purpose is to survive, and im only naming a few wonder. Inside of every single one of us are all the necessary tools needed to make it here on this planet. You don't need to depend on another human, or even a God, you already have all the  equipment you will need to navigate through these treacherous water.The question now becomes how bad do you want to succeed?  Are you content with taking the easy way out and not living up to your full potentials, or are you capable of grasping and unlocking the potential that is within you? Like i said before this life ain't easy, if you want to be able to sit and smile in the future you must have fought in the past. Now here's the secret when you fight you will loose a couple battles. When you fight you might break a couple bones. Now here's where it gets good if you fight you will win the war. If you fight the failures will be worth it. And best of all if you fight your story will affect millions of lives.However if you remain dormant and content, if you slumber you will loose. A wise man once said think about this, when you are on your death bed, and you see the light, imagine all your talents, and idea's and capabilities are standing in front of you and they are furious. And they begin to scream that betrayed us, not just us but this world. We came you aand only you could have given us life, instead you remained content or mediocre. You let struggles of this world blind you and you gave up. Instead of standing your ground you fled. Let me tell this and i want you to listen closely. If you show weakness the world will swallow you up, if you show pain this world will take advantage, if have even a little chink in your armor this world will break thru. If you even give an inch you will be run over. Instead you must stand your ground, do not tremble and believe in yourself. No matter how dark things may seem always remember your goals in life. Everyday when you wake up and face yourself in the mirror i want you to say "I will succeed". Because you see there is is power in the tongue, life and death can be spoken. So if everyday you wake up the fist thing you say to yourself is i will succeed. Those words will become internalized, and then become a habit, it might just become tradition to you but subconsciously it will register and be planted in your soul to one day blossom into a reality. The next question is what do i do after speaking those word because words without actions are nothing. Well i can help you with that as well, first you must walk this journey day by day, step by step. Everything you do do it at 100%, MLK said if you are going to sweep be the best damn sweeper you can be. The reason for this is because it trains your mind to be able to work at max capacity, this way way when you succeed you will have already learned to work at your maximum. Next you must not look at others and compare yourself to them, because even thou we may all face trials and tribulations we all have different gifts and travel different paths. Your way of success not will be similar to that even of your own brother. We must not look left and right but straight forward to our success. Which brings to my next point never forget why you where put on this earth, never forget your goals, when things may seem impossible remember. You might put it of do to certain situations but never forget your goals. For if do you will be held responsible because that was your destiny that was your way to touch this world and you let it slip because you where scared. Finally before i leave you i must reiterate that if you haven't faced troubles yet get ready and if you are facing troubles there are more to come however if you want to be able to succeed and laugh then you must hold your ground.